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No-Fuss Work Health and Safety Solutions

Our Work Health and Safety experts have supported site teams across both the public and private construction sectors. Our experience is drawn from working with authorities such as NSW Work Cover, major construction contractors and Government Agencies.  We understand the needs of all parties and what matters:  the practical implementation of safe work practices and ensuring compliance with the law.  Above all, we strive for “no-fuss” solutions and we take a practical approach to all we do.

Work Health and Safety Solution Overview

Our WHS services include the design of compliance systems, project action plans, WHS plans and policies and site procedures that help increase site awareness and improved controls on risks, so that you as a business owner or project manager can have peace of mind over your operations, knowing that your systems are compliant and are designed to achieve a safe work place.

We can upgrade your current system to meet particular state or territory requirements, modify your system for a special project, or create a totally new company Work Health and Safety system.

Projectum is accredited to undertake system audits.  We regularly review Contractor systems on behalf of Engineering Consultants and Project Owners and Government Authorities.

Protect Your Business and Your Workers

We understand the safety of site personnel is paramount to achieving a successful project outcome. Projectum delivers services designed to simplify the safety management process and to ensure a safe site.

Projectum will put together the necessary documentation to ensure you comply with relevant State and Commonwealth Legislation. We provide site teams with practical, easy-to-use WH&S tools and support.

Safety Compliance is all about managing an organisation’s safety and inspection processes, improving safety awareness and controlling site hazards and potential risks.  Projectum will work with you to design and implement a system that works for you in achieving a safer work place.

On-Site Safety

Projectum Work Health and Services: Sewage Treatment Plant- Old Bar, NSW

Projectum Work Health and Services: Sewage Treatment Plant- Old Bar, NSW

Team Leader

Sue Davidson

Sue Davidson

Work Health and Safety Manager

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    Are You Ready For a Safety Inspection Audit?

    We can identify, prioritise areas to improve on your construction site and implement steps so that you comply with legislation and keep your workers safe.

    We Deliver...

    Work Health and Safety Management Plans

    A Work Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP), sets out arrangements to manage work health and safety on a construction project. Often there are many contractors and personnel working on a project and site circumstances can change quickly from one day to the next.  Hence it is important to have a safety system that recognises sites change and which is flexible in its design and is able to be updated readily and effectively.  The safety of your people matters – we can help you safeguard their wellbeing on site through better systems that work for you.

    Work Health and Safety Manual

    A standard set of Safety Policies and Procedures relating to your site becomes an agreement for employees and contractors to adhere to whilst working.  We say… keep it simple and practicable wherever possible.  That way it is more likely to be used and followed by site teams.

    Work Health and Safety Systems

    If you are a construction contractor, you need to conduct a basic risk assessment as to where your greatest dangers are, and then develop ways to minimise those risks. We’ll help you prepare and develop effective WHS Systems.

    A Work Health and Safety System provides your employees with a framework within which they are encouraged to behave in a responsible and safe manner.  It outlines your company’s expectations and procedures in such matters as Drug and Alcohol Policy or Motor Vehicles operation. It also provides a collection of tools and resources required on site, such as induction checklists and registers.

    Developing a WHS systems can be overwhelming, particularly if you are “starting from scratch”.  Projectum has developed many such systems and can show you how to simplify the process and achieve an effective system more easily.

    And, if your company requires system certification to AS/NZS 4801:2001, we will make that happen also.  Our aim is to take the burden off your shoulders and free up your time, so that you are better able to focus on running your projects without the worry and frustration of the paper work.  Projectum can help!

    Safe Work Method Statements

    A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a document that details work related risks and which develops procedures for working more safely.  It often includes procedures for operating equipment safely.  Site teams must be prepared for potential high risk construction work prior to the work starting. It’s a planning tool that must:

    lists the types of high risk construction work being done

    state the health and safety hazards and risks arising from that work

    describes how the risks will be controlled

    describe how the risk control measures will be put in place and maintained

    In short, a SWMS should be a “living” document that guides site teams in their work procedures.  We believe in the adage that if we “fail to plan” then we “plan to fail”.  By spending time examining site risks before work starts, work teams are better able to control outcomes, one of which must be a safe work place.

    Projectum knows work sites and will work with you to help you plan a safer work environment.  Talk to us about safety – YOUR safety.

    Workplace Health and Safety Audits and Certifications

    Site Risk Assessment (SRA)

    We assess the risks onsite, prioritise areas for improvement and implement a schedule for rectifications.

    Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) Audit

    We do a full audit of your WHS documentation, systems and procedures.

    SRA and WHSMS Audit

    As specified above.

    Hazard Chemicals and Manual Tasks Audits

    Bespoke Audits for Multiple Sites

    AS/NZS 4801:2001 System Certification

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