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Master Programming Contract

Master Programming: CRCC Building Canberra Hospital

Master Programming: CRCC Building Canberra Hospital

Master Programming

Ensure that the overall programme of works is monitored and achieves the announced end completion dates

Provide regular advice on the status of the programme, within each of the phases of Service Planning, Design or Construction

Assess submissions of revised programs by Project Managers and Construction Contractors which may lead to extension of completion dates

Under the relevant contract types used, monitor, assess and approve or reject extension of time claims

Provide programming input to business case development and project delivery planning

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What Our Clients Say...

Projectum provides realistic early total project programme which is essential to project planning. Alternative procurement / design / construction can be discussed with comparative time frames and alternative programmes submitted by tenderers can be assessed and evaluated against preliminary construction programme.

Peter Churcher

Senior Project Officer @ Shared Services ACT Government

Programming Capabilities

Projectum programmers prepare Master Programs and detailed Construction delivery schedules for complex Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Mining Projects.  Examples of recent projects include Commercial Buildings – Offices, Shopping Centres, Airports, Health and Education Facilities – Hospitals and Schools, Major roads and Motorways and Mining Infrastructure works.

Projectum’s approach is to program at a detailed level and to communicate at a level appropriate for each trade and function. Our philosophy is to ensure the detail in a program is correct and properly modelled so that the accuracy of the program is better able to be confirmed.

Programming Software

Microsoft Project

We find MS Project is the most commonly used scheduling tool in the civil and building construction industries.

Primavera P6

The Pimavera upgrade version of Suretrack is P6.  This software is now commonly used across the building and construction sector to plan and track projects.

What is Master Programming?

Master Programming deals with the complexity in delivery of major construction projects.  The construction of a new airport, a major health or industrial facility involves significant logistical and operation al issues that are often inter-woven.  Pre-planning the way these issues can be dealt with is an essential part of ensuring success in project delivery.

The complexity lies in the number of activities required to complete the project. Many projects can involve more than 10,000 activities that must be coordinated.  And the logic dependencies in master programs can exceed two or three times the number of program activities.

Another area of complexity is the Design Process. This requires proper planning and programming so that design activities are properly coordinated with other project activities.  Then there is a need to also monitor the design phase of the work, to ensure design is progressing at the required rate.

The complexity of those types of projects then flows through to the construction phase of these facilities.  Complex facilities often integrate a multitude of “services” such as data transfer systems, energy systems, waste disposal infrastructure and specialised equipment.  Building facades can often be complex to build and the internal fit-out can be varied and specialised also.

Project Master Planners deal with these realities on a day-to-day basis.  The next time you need a Master Plan for your special project, talk to us.  We know Master Planning and we WILL be able to plan your project.

Selected Projects

Bonner Primary New School Master Planning ($50m)

Franklin Early Childhood Primary New School Master Planning ($40m)

Coombs Primary New School Master Planning ($50m)

Canberra Hospital – Capital Region Cancer Centre ($40m) - 2013

Arboretum Master Programming ($30m), Canberra - 2012

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