Earthworks Estimating – The Fundamentals

Coming soon……an e-book on EARTHWORKS ESTIMATING 

Yes, we are now well into the task of writing a book on the FUNDAMENTALS of earthworks estimating.

WHAT this book will NOT be:

* an academic text

* a set of theories

* someone’s wish list for earthworks

BUT it WILL be:

* an industry expert’s look at HOW earthworks costing is best done

* your opportunity to learn WHY the PRO’s estimate earthworks the way they do

* your opportunity to access the best TOOLS and TECHNIQUES used by industry professionals

* your opportunity to be part of producing a handbook that will change the way you think about earthworks estimating

This is how we see the contents of the book at this point:

1. Units of measurement and earthworks concepts
2. Production estimating
3. Key tools in earthworks estimating
4. Resource costing
5. Strategies for producing tenders that win
6. Estimating habits that matter
7. GEMS from the Master – John’s secrets

We WILL include……..

* important concepts and rules for estimating production costs
* useful ideas and proven techniques
* a few tools you can use
* and a few GEMS from the GURU himself

YES, there will be SAMPLE estimates, some TOOLS, diagrams and graphs for the purists and a few surprises also.

Okay, we’ve drafted Chapters 1, 2 and 3. and you can download the PDF below.  It’s there for your perusal and feedback and also YOUR input on anything you feel we’ve missed in the rush to get something up on the website for you to look at.

Now it is only the first cut and alas, words only at this stage.  There are no pretty pictures pasted in as yet……..those will follow soon in the final draft which you will receive FREE – we appreciate that you are taking the time to review our early works and for that we say THANK YOU!

FEEL FREE at any time over the coming weeks to tell us ………

* are we on the right track?

* your suggestions on anything related to the topic

* your ideas on what we should include in an e-book on Earthworks Estimating?

And of course our estimator extraordinaire Johnno is always looking for feedback and wants to hear from YOU on your ideas, as you can see from his eager face:

Our resident GURU.......

Our resident GURU…….

Feel free to post a BLOG comment or CONTACT US with your comments.

And don’t forget to REGISTER your interest in receiving a FREE copy of the published e-book.

Okay DOWNLOAD Chapters 1, 2 and 3 :

Earthworks Estimating Fundamentals – Chapters 1 2 3 DRAFT Rev 0

Many thanks to all of you who have shown an interest in this project.


Russell & John

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