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Come Out in a Strong Financial Position at the End of a Project...

Scheduling provides the tools and information to produce the most cost effective, and timely projects possible. It aims to produce an accurate and timely method to forecast cash flow and complete a project in a strong financial position.

Everybody wins...

Foster relationships based on understanding, trust and mutual goals. More accurate, concise and clear communications with all parties is an opportunity for a smooth running and dispute free project.

Deliver Projects Earlier...

Schedule work crews, time deliveries and equipment rentals and review progress for needed changes. Opportunities to deliver earlier can be identified earlier and problems can be rectified quicker.

Eliminate After Project Issues and Liability...

It serves as documentation of work completed as the concerned parties sign off on agreed upon completion. In the event of dispute or questions, it can serve as legal documentation of the actual history and events of the construction.

Focus On The End Goal and Win More Jobs!

Project Scheduling: National Arboretum Canberra

Project Scheduling: National Arboretum Canberra

Selected Projects

Taylor Primary School Redevelopment ($15m)

Bonner Primary New School Master Planning ($50m)

Franklin Early Childhood Primary New School Master Planning ($40m)

Coombs Primary New School Master Planning ($50m)

Malkara School Hydrotherapy Pool ($6m)

Canberra Hospital – Capital Region Cancer Centre ($40m) - 2013

Arboretum Master Programming ($30m), Canberra - 2012

Artificial Grass Schools Programme ($6m)

Scheduling Skills

Construction Control Programming and Scheduling

Program Analysis including Critical Path Method (CPM)

Time, Cost and Resource Forecasting and Capacity Analysis

Advice on Procurement Strategy

Design and Documentation Programming and Scheduling

Offsite Work Programming and Scheduling

Trade Programming and Scheduling

Scheduling capabilities

Construction scheduling is a powerful construction management and planning tool. When you work with Projectum, you get our construction know-how and access to leading software.  Projectum provides project planning and construction scheduling using best practice, to ensure you are more in control of your project and can maximise project profits.

Projectum believes in the adage “if we fail to plan, we plan to fail”.  The upfront effort required to properly plan project delivery is essential to achieving a target outcome.  Projectum can plan and also track your project with you, to ensure you have a well prepared “road-map” and that you have timely information on just how the project is progressing.

Talk to us about scheduling your next project.  We are ready to help you achieve a successful outcome.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have been working with Projectum for more than a year. I have found that they deliver strong expertise and skills. They are accurate, thorough and knowledgeable.

Peter Naylor

Business Manager / Director @ IQON Pty Ltd

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