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What's different about our Cost Planning and Estimating services?

For starters, we’ve “been there and done that”….. our people are specialists with hands-on experience. We’ve built projects ourselves and our on-site experience means we know how projects are best managed, how they are planned and how to estimate costs.  We don’t quote from a book or just rely on a software program to tell us the answers.  Projectum knows projects and we use our experience, along with the best tools, to get the right answers.  You’ll find we think differently about projects.

Next…. we know what matters and which elements are crucial to planning and costing a project.  Our specialists sort the “weeds from the plants” and focus on the key drivers in a project.  We drill down and identify which elements of a project will have the biggest impact on Time, Cost and Quality and we focus on these.  You need to be equipped with information that enables your site teams to achieve the best result.  We work with you to establish a clear vision on how your project should be delivered and the costs of delivering.  You won’t get the “vanilla treatment” at Projectum.

And we “think outside the box”.  The construction industry is highly competitive and projects require innovative solutions.  The process of innovating the best solution starts in the planning and costing phase.  We believe winning is important and that there is rarely a second price that matters.  Hence we adopt a winning philosophy in what we do – and that differentiates us from others.

Win More Jobs!

Viable and Competitive Estimates

We’ll give you estimates that are viable financially but also competitive, so that you are more confident to win jobs and deliver projects with a profit.

Reliable and Accurate Estimates

We are able to refer to an extensive library of tools and reference information that validate our estimates.

Practical Estimates

Estimates that take into account what is practical and feasible on site. This is where estimating and planning meet. It must be able to be performed.

Estimates Tailored to Each Conditions

We take into account your project location, geo and soil conditions, and match those with previous projects and tools we have developed to give you a competitive and practical estimate.

Estimates That Keep Your Business Going

Projectum Civil Estimating Contract

Civil Estimating Services: Motorway, Gungahlin Drive Extension, Canberra

Civil Estimating Services: Motorway, Gungahlin Drive Extension, Canberra

Team Leader

Russell Boyd

Russell Boyd

Estimating Manager

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    This is What One of Our Estimators Has To Say

    I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs. I have adopted some of his mantra and apply it to estimating:

    • Stay Hungry: You’ve got to be really wanting to win that job, not just sort of going through the motions.
    • Stay Foolish:  You’ve got to think outside the box.

    John Green

    Estimator Major Projects and International Markets

    What Our Clients Say...

    We have been using Projectum for the last 5 years to support our estimating and project management teams. We have found that we can rely on Projectum for accurate and affordable estimating services and for proven project management delivery. We deal with honest, reliable and experienced civil and construction specialists.

    Nigel Forde

    Managing Director @ Cord Civil

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