Measurement of Engineering Works

  • 19th October 201319/10/13
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Can you afford NOT to get paid for ALL the work you do? Contractors, Superintendents and Project Owners often end up embroiled in disputes over the scope of works of a contract. Amazing as it may sound, a lot of time is wasted by each party in trying to figure out “which bit” is IN […]

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Earthworks Estimating – The Fundamentals

Coming soon……an e-book on EARTHWORKS ESTIMATING  Yes, we are now well into the task of writing a book on the FUNDAMENTALS of earthworks estimating. WHAT this book will NOT be: * an academic text * a set of theories * someone’s wish list for earthworks BUT it WILL be: * an industry expert’s look at […]

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San Francisco-Oakland Bridge Construction [Video]

  • 20th September 201320/09/13
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Fascinating 4-minute time-lapse video of the new self-anchored suspension San Francisco-Oakland Bridge construction (October 2008 to August 2013) The new Bay Bridge was launched on September 2, 2013. It is engineered to withstand a large earthquake and replaces the cantilevered section of the Bay Bridge which became the subject of concern after a section collapsed […]

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