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Russell Boyd

Russell Boyd

Founder @ Projectum

The Industry Pain Point

There is a huge shortage of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced people in the civil and construction industry. We also see many young companies growing fast. They need expertise to take them through to the next level. This is where we come in…

Russell Boyd

General Manager and Founder, Projectum

Born To Be In Construction...

You are what you are. Over the years I have realised I belong in construction, after deviating a few times in other fields.  I guess what I enjoy most is getting things done – planning and then delivering a project.  That is my passion.  I started Projectum to provide well needed civil engineering support services.

These days I enjoy working with young businesses with a vision and the ambition to make their “mark”.  I find my experience of having “been there and done that” often helps growing firms as they go about developing their people, management systems and corporate strategies.  A few “grey hairs” sometimes adds value to achieving the firm’s vision.

Russell Boyd

General Manager and Founder @ Projectum

This Is How Real It Is For Me...

In my mind I am not doing spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are actually expressing what I’m visualising in my head. I’m actually on the site of the new job, as if I’m watching it all happen. To the point where, if I am estimating earthworks, by lunchtime I’d want to go home to have a shower because I feel I’ve got dust in my hair. That’s how real it is…

John Green

Estimator International Markets

Hands-On Experience

Our team members are ‘been there and done that’ specialists in their fields.

Dedicated Specialists

You benefit from our specialist knowledge and expertise in the civil and construction industries. 

Certainty over Fee

You can sleep easy when you know exactly how much to allow for our services.

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